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Who is building the revolutionary AG Maximizer for Agri Green?

Have you been wondering about who builds the AG Maximizer for Agri Green?

We are happy to introduce you to Collicutt Energy Systems of Red Deer, Alberta.

Collicutt Energy

Our relationship began with Collicutt a few years ago, when we made the decision to select the Scania engine to be the power unit to most efficiently run our dryer. We discovered that Collicutt Energy Systems was the closest dealer through which to purchase this engine, and as time went on, learned that it was the hub of many other projects that serves clients throughout the world.

Here are some photos of the latest AG Maximizer being manufactured in one of Collicutt’s shops. A shout out to Collicutt Energy Systems for the precision and excellence in service and producing superior products. Stop by for a tour of their facility, they would enjoy meeting you and showing you around.

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