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Have reassurance when cutting your hay

AG Maximizer Hay Dryer driving down the road

Even though some practices, machinery and farming techniques might vary from farm to farm, all the hay producers are dedicated and working hard for the same outcome – largest quantity of top-quality hay possible.

In the first week of July, the next AG Maximizer Hay Dyer will be available to take another farmer to the next level in quantity and quality hay production.

To learn more about how the investment of the AG Maximizer can increase your profits, contact us.

In conversations with AG Maximizer owners over the years, we have come to the understanding that this dryer increases profits on the farm even when it isn’t being used!

Hard to believe?

It was reiterated in a discussion we engaged in last week – a AG Maximizer dryer owner regularly purchases hay from a neighboring land owner each year.

The hay was ready to be swathed but the land owner decided not to cut as there was a probability of rain in the forecast and he wasn’t willing to take the gamble.

The dryer owner reassured the land owner that they would be able to bale up the hay more quickly if necessary because they had the dryer. The land owner agreed and swathed the hay.

Long story short, it didn’t rain, the dryer wasn’t used and the hay was put up without a hitch.

Benefits? The hay was cut while in its perfect state (not overly mature), the cut crop was taken off the field as quickly as possible and the next cutting has a great start. Pretty cool eh?

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