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Find out how the AG Maximizer Hay Dryer is Beneficial for both Wet and Dry Regions!

Hay drying in a Hay Dryer

For most parts in the Northern Hemisphere putting up hay in 2023 has come to an end and the farmers in the Southern Hemisphere are getting geared up to begin putting up hay.

Looking back over our summer, we are glad to have helped improve the quality of hay for hay producers with the AG Maximizer II Hay Dryer and AG Cooling Bed.

In the United States this year, extremely dry or extremely wet was the experience of many farmers in different locations and the AG Maximizer helped out in both extremes.

It is easy to understand how the AG Maximizer Hay Dryer can make a difference in wet weather conditions.

The dryer is an option for impending weather moisture and enables farmers to bale up the hay at higher moisture, get it out of the elements and then dry it so it will retain its value and store safely. 

In a dry location, it can be a little tougher to imagine a hay dryer being an asset for a hay producer but it definitely is!

It allows hay producers to take control in adding value to their product.

By baling hay at higher moistures and then drying it in the AG Maximizer Hay Dryer gives the operator absolute control over how dry the hay becomes and it reduces leaf loss and brittleness of the hay.

Excessively dry hay in the windrow that has been left out to collect dew moisture to aid in saving leaf during baling can be helpful in retaining leaf but the softness of the hay is lost in this process.

The AG Maximizer’s signature for drying high moisture hay is bright green, leafy hay that is soft and pliable; premium quality.

The AG Maximizer Hay Dryer benefits do not end there.

In addition, the process of drying hay also accelerates the natural sweating of baled hay.

Instead of waiting days or weeks for the sweat to naturally occur, the dryer reduces this process to minutes. This allows farmers to ship their product immediately.

Let us help you get ready and be prepared to produce top quality hay whether the forecast is wet or dry.

If you’d like to learn more about the AG

Maximizer Hay Dryer or the AG Cooling Bed, please give us a call.

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