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Our Story

Agri Green Enterprises is a family operated business located in Vanderhoof, British Columbia Canada. The Gulbranson's are life time forage producers for their own livestock and domestic and export hay sales.


Emil and his boys designed and manufactured the AG Maximizer based on advanced technologies from different industries from around the world to boost hay sales and improve profits with increased yields and higher nutritional value. 


In their efforts to get where they are today, they spent many hundreds of hours developing the Maximizer, learning what didn’t work which led to the success of why it works so well. From the early beginnings of being built in the shop on the farm the AG Maximizer is now being manufactured in Red Deer, Alberta by a reputable team of engineers which gives certainty and warranty.


Agri Green’s team is dedicated to helping forage producers around the world.


At Agri Green, we specialize in drying hay with the Maximizer Hay Dryer. Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures quicker drying times and enhanced hay quality, saving you precious time and money. Investing in the Maximizer Hay Dryer will drastically improve all aspects of hay making and help you improve your business.

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