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Quality hay that can exceeded your previous cut

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

hay being dried in the Maximizer hay dryer

On internet views this week, I came upon apost on a group facebook page called Hay Kings (75,000+ in the group) of a farmer in the United States that showed a photo of a lone bale in his field, reporting poor yields due to dry weather and inquired who was experiencing similar conditions.

Most of the numerous replies announced similar or worse conditions with the exception of bumper crops in Michigan, Ontario Canada and possibly a couple other states that have slipped my mind.

Some might possibly think that a steamer is for dry weather and a hay dryer is for wet, however the benefits of the AG Maximizer go far beyond a tool to cope with the potential challenges of harvesting hay in wet weather.

While the AG Maximizer is a substantial help in drying down hay that has been baled at higher moisture so it will keep,the benefits and advantages of owning a dryer go further.

Instead of adding moisture to the hay with a steamer just prior to baling, hay that is destined for the AG Maximizer can be raked at higher moisture, the hay producer can start retaining leaf right there and continue on through baling.

A Maximizer owner in Michigan this year passed on to us that while their dryer sat unused in their farm yard, the quality of their hay far exceeded any first cut that they have ever done before.

They reached the elusive protein level of 23% and they concluded that it was because they raked the hay when it was a higher moisture than they normally would have, simply because they had the dryer and would have been able to dryit if they needed it.

Consistency is another trademark of the AG Maximizer.

With the fluctuations of moisture changes in relatively short windows, perfect baling conditions canchance in a very short window to way too dry, leading to excessive leafloss.

In the drying procedure of the AG Maximizer, you dry hay to the moisture that is required; 15 -16% for domestic sales or 12% for export.

In El Centro, California, up to 6 weeks is required for hay to go through the sweat after baling before it can be pressed in preparation for export.

This situation requires a huge amount of storage space for inventory.

Now their AG Maximizer dries the hay, accelerating the sweat process and they are able to press the hay 24 hours after running it through the dryer.

The AG Maximizer helps hay producers keep what they have worked so hard for.

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