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The AG Maximizer saves the day

Swathing hay into windrows

Agri Green is a family operated business and our son, Arlan, is one of the team players here. Several years ago, he had the opportunity to secure a quarter of farm land and entered the world of drying and harvesting hay for himself.

That year, Arlan sold his crop to one of the local hay presses that shipped compressed hay by rail to Prince Rupert on the coast of British Columbia and from there, it would be destined for horses in Japan.

A couple days after delivery, Arlan received a call from the press. The moisture of his hay was reading higher and was not dry enough for export.

Has that ever happened for you?

For Arlan, that meant that the price for his hay had dropped. In the community of hay producers, he felt what so many have felt before; when it comes to making hay, the only thing that seems to ever go down in price is the hay you are trying to sell!

In past years, his hay would have been consigned to the domestic market, but that year, the original AG Maximizer prototype was ready to remedy a solution.

He pulled the Maximizer to the press, ran his hay through the dryer and after it cooled, it was ready to ship. There were additional costs but the income he received from having export ready hay was a definite step up from the alternative.

That is what the AG Maximizer does; it helps farmers keep what they have worked so hard for.

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