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The AG Maximizer saves hay leaf and $$$$$!!

Have you ever driven behind an operating baler with the windows up because of the cloud of dust surrounding the baler? Have you ever noticed the green trail of leaf between the bales in the wake of the baler?

Tractor baling square bales in a field

As you know this “green dust” is actually the fragmented leaf of the dry hay that is lost due to the fragility of the dry leaves and the action of the baler. We have experienced first-hand the pain of seeing broken leaf falling out of the baler and accumulating on top of it. Lost leaf equals lost protein, which equals lost weight, which equals lost $$. The majority of the weight of alfalfa hay comes from the leaf, not the stems. When hay is baled at 18% moisture level, that is when measurable leaf saving begins. However, when the moisture levels increase to 20 -24%, that is when significant leaf retention and color occur. Dr. Dan Undersander, of the University of Wisconsin, has done studies showing that up to 300 – 400 lbs of leaf loss occurs per acre when hay is baled at 13 -14% moisture (at levels where hay safely will keep) or lower. The AG Maximizer shines in reducing the moisture in hay that was baled at higher moistures; enabling top quality hay despite shortened harvesting windows, impending rains and reduces leaf loss. On several occasions, Emil because of the AG Maximizer has experienced, what he calls “the triple triumph”.

  • The first triumph is the peace of mind to go ahead and swath the hay in a window of good weather that is not quite long enough to fully sun-cure the hay. Experience less concerns about hay losing value as it becomes over mature 😊

  • The second triumph is the freedom to bale up hay at higher moistures than the old traditional ideal (13-14%) before the rains come and reduces the headaches and cost of re-raking and dealing with brown hay 😄

  • And lastly, the third triumph, our topic today – the AG Maximizer helps to SAVE LEAF, SAVE PROTEIN, SAVE WEIGHT and SAVE $$$$ 😍 The AG Maximizer helps hay producers to save what they already have; alfalfa leaf. Get paid for what you are producing!

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