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What The AG Maximizer Can Do For You In The Heat

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The Maximizer Hay Dryer at a farm

Have you ever experienced the dilemma of making hay in weather that was too hot for too long?

The last thing that you figure you would need, would be a dryer, right?


To start with, having the AG Maximizer available to dry your hay (if necessary), allows hay to be raked at higher moisture saving leaf, the heart of protein in the hay. That will increase the RFV.

The next step of baling is a repeat; baling at higher moisture will save leaf in the baling process, another chance for RFV to increase as leaf is retained (up to 300 lbs per acre can be lost due to raking and baling dry, brittle hay).

We have seen the leaves in hay baled at 22% and dried down to 12% moisture that are still soft and pliable even though it is dry.

That is what premium hay is; no shattered leaves, no dust, and significantly more leaves then stems.

So, the benefits of using the AG Maximizer, isn’t something to only be saved for a rainy day.

It is for those who want to prepare to produce top quality hay no matter what the weather is.

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