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Feel Good Producing Great Hay

Loaded hay bales on truck and trailers and a maximizer hay dryer

We think that you will agree that the vision of perfectly green fragrant hay is in every farmer’s mind when the crop year begins.

As the summer days proceed and challenges present themselves, it isn’t uncommon to regress to salvage mode and the vision of perfect hay becomes a distant wish; we know, we have been there.

The AG Maximizer can help improve the quality of your hay, in both dry, hot weather and cool, humid weather.


In hot, dry temperatures hay can be baled at high moisture then dried through the AG Maximizer.

Hay baled at higher moisture significantly boosts leaf retention, and this increases both protein and RFV. This process greatly reduces shattered leaves and dustiness.

A remarkable feature of processing hay in this way is that even when the leaves are dry after being processed in the AG Maximizer, they are not brittle but rather soft, palatable and beautiful.

In cool, humid temperatures hay can also be baled at high moisture and then dried through the AG Maximizer.

The bonus of the hay dryer in this scenario is because the hay is baled before it is dry, it can be removed from the impending outside elements of rain/humidity and potential bleaching and not have prolonged time in the windrow in attempts to dry the hay naturally.

Brown hay/bleaching can be minimized, retaining the quality of the hay by reducing the moisture of the bales after baling.

The rule of retaining leaf applies here as well; by baling high moisture hay, increased leaf retention is the story whether the hay is green or brown so why not do it while it is green?

If you would like to learn what an AG Maximizer can do for your farm, give us a call.

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