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The best way I know how to produce quality green hay!

It appears to be in every farmer’s mind to prepare for the “perfect year”; the endless checklists – fields fertilized, equipment prepped, employees gathered, and of course, harvesting schedules continually being created and altered according to weather changes.

Let the AG Maximizer take your farm to the next level by widening the window in which you can bale hay.

Yes, you can bale hay at higher moistures and dry it with the AG Maximizer in a short time, reducing leaf shatter and leaf loss as well as increasing protein and quality of your hay.

This dryer helps you to keep what you worked so hard to produce. Each AG Maximizer is custom built to meet the needs of the purchaser.

Maximizer Hay Dryer with green square hay bales

Due to build time, interested parties are encouraged to pre-order to reserve their build slot.

Let some of the latest advances in hay drying technology serve you benefit and your farm.

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