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The AG Maximizer and horses

We had a great time at the National Hay Association in Kentucky this last February!

It was our first time to Louisville and Churchill Downs and the later was a definite highlight. The Kentucky Derby is undoubtedly the most famous horse race in the world and held each spring, offering coveted spots to qualifying three year old thoroughbred race horses.

Although you may never have been to Churchill Downs or even watched the Kentucky Derby, it might be valuable to know that in the United States alone, the horse industry contributes $122 billion annually to the economy.

Penny Chenery with Secretariat
Penny Chenery – owner of renowned, Triple Crown Winner, Secretariat.

It is a given that equine enthusiasts are dedicated to feeding their horses the best hay they can find. They seek out bright green and leafy hay and generally steer far clear of off colored, bleached and dusty forage.

Interestingly enough, it seems as if the only time hay producers do not appreciate those looking for top quality horse hay is when they don’t have it.

Horse owners are learning about and appreciate the hay that has been processed through the AG Maximizer Hay Dryer. Hay that is baled at higher moisture reduces dust, reduces leaf loss and increases palatability and color – all benefits in the equine industry.

The AG Maximizer enables hay producers to avoid baling hay that is too dry (leading to leaf loss, light bales and dusty hay). They can bale at higher moisture and dry the hay to the moisture level they want it to be, and not be confined to small windows of time where the hay is “perfect” accompanied with much larger windows of too wet and too dry hay. The AG Maximizer promotes consistency, quality and quantity.

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