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Making Hay in Utah

It is looking like spring is pretty much everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and we are glad to have it aren’t we?!?!

Last week we enjoyed the sun and warm weather in El Centro, California to the maximum. On our travels back to Canada, it was our good fortune to stop by the Whitby Farm in Kanosh, Utah.

Whitby farm location

It is not a well kept secret that farmers love to talk and visit, is it?

We got to meet Bart Whitby and spend a few minutes with him doing “farmer talk” before Braiden took us on a first class tour of the extensive and beautiful farm. One of the subjects that surfaced was the seemingly double bladed questions that every hay producer asks.

“Is it dry enough?” or “Is it too dry?” referring to the fine line that farmers try to walk but are almost always on one side or the other.

“Not dry enough” potentially equals brown hay and too dry equals leaf loss.

It was very interesting to learn about the hay farming practices in Utah and we appreciated Braiden sacrificing part of his date to show us around.

The lush fields are indisputable evidence of their hard work and knowledge. Here are a few photos of their place in Utah.

Alfalfa hay field with an antelope

beautiful alfalfa hay field with blue sky

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