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Are you ready for warmer temperatures to harvest hay?

February can be a bit of a low for farmers in the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Hang in there, summer’s coming with warmer temperatures. 😊

Warmer temperature is something that the AG Maximizer was designed to create.

Check out this video clip of the temp gauge while drying down hay in Vanderhoof, British Columbia Canada.

The AG Maximizer Hay Dryer is the only mobile hay dryer in the world that doesn’t require an additional heat source.


It was designed that way; to collect the heat produced by the diesel engine and the revolutionary fan (engineered by farmers for farmers) consistently raising the heat produced in the dryer up to 133 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient. These higher temperatures can lower the humidity of the air going through the hay by up to 60%.

eating a donut on the farm

A pick me up for a cool February day. There is a lot of fulfillment in serving the haying crew (family) on a hot summer day!

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