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Another AG Maximizer In Michigan!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Was great to see Brian & Debbie Klaus and tour their operation, Poverty Hill Farms of Palms, Michigan this last week! Haying was in full swing and the timing was perfect to put the bales that had been baled at higher moisture (to maximizer leaf retention) through their new AG Maximizer Hay Dryer.

People standing in front of the AG Maximizer Hay Dryer

They, like so many of you, have experienced less rainfall this spring. We understand that in the month of May, Michigan generally receives 4” of rain. This year it has only been 1”.

Enjoy some of the photos we took at their place.

After Arlan finished giving instruction and operation training of the dryer to Brian & Chad (top hand), dried some hay, he moved on to lending a hand with operation hauling hay.

It is always great to see beautiful leafy, green hay which was in abundance at Poverty Hill Farms.

Interesting to see crops of corn, sugar beets and planting in progress for black beans, all quite foreign to our part of the world, where there is a bountiful amount of sunshine but frost-free days at home are more limited.

Brian, Debbie and Chad know how to work and how to get lots done (and Debbie is an excellent cook too!) in a short period of time. Their dedication to raise and harvest the best hay possible is their signature!

If you are looking to go to the next level in producing top quality hay, contact us to learn what the AG Maximizer can do for your farm.

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