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Who in the world is making hay today?!

Agri Green is in delivery mode! All the way from chilly central British Columbia, Canada to delightfully warm southern California (34 degrees Celsius).

Farming is happening right now in the beautiful Imperial Valley in California.

Dropping down from the sand dunes into the lush green fields there was the iconic image of finding an oasis in the desert.

sand dunes in the desert

Why would someone in one of the driest locations in North America want with a hay dryer!?! This hay producer is adding value to their operation by accelerating the natural sweat of newly baled hay and ensuring consistent low moisture levels necessary for processing and producing export ready hay more quickly.

Alfalfa hay field in California

Plain and simple. That is what the AG Maximizer is; plain and simple. Although the AG Maximizer’s drying concepts are based on Advanced Technology, it is uncomplicated to operate and to maintain. The AG Maximizer helps hay producers keep what they have worked so hard for; plain and simple.

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