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Making quality hay your passion

This last week was filled to the brim by having an AG Maximizer Hay Dryer on display at the National Farm Machinery Show and in attending the National Hay Association Mid-Year meeting both of which were stationed this year in Louisville, KY.

There is talk that the Show attendance over four days brought 350,000 attendees this year; great show and great interest in the new drying technology of the AG Maximizer. Met lots of people, made new friends and saw many old friends.

We were able to squeeze in a breakfast with several AG Maximizer owners and interested hay producers last Sunday morning. Participated in and listened to discussions of challenges of making quality hay and how the dryer had helped in a variety of ways to accomplish the art of harvesting hay more fully.

After a couple of hours, it was time to head out. Emil thanked everyone for coming and in unison, pretty much all stood up, ready to leave. That was when Elias Higdon of Higdon Land & Cattle Company, located in Grand Bay, Alabama let us know that he had a hay sample of Bermuda grass that had been put through his AG Maximizer Hay Dryer.

Upon arriving at the breakfast at 8:30, I had seen Elias enter with a large suitcase and had subconsciously assumed that he had checked out of his hotel and had brought his suitcase to the breakfast and would be heading out after. When Elias mentioned a hay sample, the picture of a Ziploc bag filled with hay came to mind. After confirmation from others that they would very much like to see the hay sample, Elias hoisted the large suitcase onto the table and opened it up. It contained a southern sized sample of beautiful, green Bermuda grass for all to smell and sift through. Elias’ passion for producing quality hay was shared with everyone that day. Thanks Elias!!

Green hay in a suitcase

That is Elias in the black jacket and don’t let his serious expression fool you. We thoroughly enjoyed an evening of smiles and laughs at dinner that night when Elias sat with us and shared some of his southern childhood experiences (there are no alligators in Canada). It was a very delightful weekend.

Thank you to all we met and visited with!

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